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What sets your Soul on Fire?

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

What ignites your divine spark into motion and sets your soul on fire? For me, the magical flow of energy runs through our entire system when we feel most alive. Or when our heart opens wide while in concert with the Universal energy of Love where magic and mystery collide!

Our spirit, or "Shen" in Chinese medicine, is said to reside in the heart, in the element of Fire. The Shen is described by some as the light that radiates from a lit candle or the twinkle that shines through the eyes of a soul who has a fully embodied spirit in form. Our internal flame brilliantly shines when the virtues of unconditional love, compassion, kindness, acceptance, forgiveness, tolerance, wisdom, and generosity freely run through our system. A fire that burns from this balanced state radiates the energy of warmth and love to all without effort.


Since arriving in Santa Barbara, my spirit has understood what meeting our vibrational match means. It sometimes takes a stronger light to reflect our larger selves so that which is not us can come forward to clear. The magnetic sunlight here in Santa Barbara and its nurturing mountains hold us while the ocean tides take out any turbulent seas within. I knew it was time for a deeper connection and communion with spirit. I was guided into nature along the silver blue seas to make room for more of my true self.


The Fire element requires balance, honor, and respect, as do we. If we hold too much fire, it can be destructive or cause burnout, and with too little, we lack vital energy, motivation, passion, and, or creativity. I've experienced some threads of my finally woven tapestry that haven't been carrying those higher vibrational frequencies seen above. The understanding of what having a truly balanced system feels like when our heart is fully connected to spirit while being home in our body begins.

The terrain many of us birthed into held lower vibrational frequencies and were brought in before our arrival here on Earth. A gene pool filled with many unknown gifts of anger, hate, shame, guilt, remorse, greed, and, or jealousy can prevent us from fully connecting with our brightest light. Unbeknownst to me, my internal flame could not fully ignite while carrying lower frequencies held on the genetic and history level of my being. I knew it was time for a connection with spirit brighter than ever before and time to release any lower vibrations. Nature and animal spirits have always assisted me on my journey. The sights and sounds of her landscapes have always opened, strengthened and aligned my spirit. What sets your soul on fire?

“ It has become apparent that our truest nature to fully connect, heal and grow is to be mirrored by something that reflects our full essence. I believe the natural world is that ideal mirror.”

~Regina Powers


The mantra I was holding throughout this time was, " May I now fully embody my spirit into form." Interestingly, a quote from Shakespeare kept popping up, "There is nothing more confining than the prison we don't know we are in." Our lives are all divinely orchestrated. We are a spiritual being attempting to be human. It is up to us how much or how little we want to travel in the uncharted waters of embodiment. To truly live life completely connected, without any separation of our heart-mind-body and spirit requires time and effort to find balance in all aspects of life.


This night of December 21, 2023, is the winter solstice. It is a transitional time of coming out of the darkness into receiving more light. It is a powerful time of rebirth and renewal. A time to be still, to be with ourselves to let go of anything that's not us. Allowing any lower vibrational holdings to come to the surface to be released and transformed into light. A time of embodying yourself as the universal energy of love, while inviting your spirit into form. The healing balm of Love is always available to every one of us. We must ask and be open to receiving ourselves a new. Your soul wants nothing more than for you to connect, sparkle and shine!

Sending balance and blessings to you and your entire family during this holiday season.

In Joy, Peace & Love



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