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Crystal Light Fusion


"Today, crystals are the basis for the cell phone, the computer, and even the transistor.  However, in ancient times crystals and natural light were used for healing and wellness. It’s an ancient wisdom dating back to the time when sunlight itself was used with crystals to bring healing to various areas of the body."


This was taken from Mike Broadwell, the creator of Solara Gems.  Solara Gems works with filtered light and gemstones to bring about healing to the physical, emotional, spiritual, and ancestral levels.  Check out to learn more.


I was blown away by what I saw and felt during the training, it was truly miraculous. After just 20 minutes of working with the specific gemstones, I found them to penetrate the field in a very subtle and profound way. I have been using them during my long-distance healings and witnessing just how potent they are to assist in healing. 

*I utilize Crystal light fusion during most In-Person sessions to deepen the healing experience.

If you would like to give yourself a treat with a Solara Gem session carve out a 1/2 hour of your time. You can sign up on my booking page for online sessions. Then email me your intention prior to your time. I will specifically test the gemstone(s) for you and leave them in place for 25 minutes. Longer sessions  available upon request.

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