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Meet Regina Powers

Integrative Family Nurse Practitioner
& Energy Medicine Therapist


   Hello & Welcome...


I have been able to blend both Eastern and Western medicine as part of my practice for well over 25 years. I work with various modalities unique to the individual in any given session. I observe how a body moves or not, or if it holds or contracts ultimately, sharing where it’s not loved! You go to the places you choose, you are the guide.

Many years ago, I was working in emergency medicine. One early morning shift, a young girl came in saying, “I don’t feel right.” She had been up at 4a to open a local coffee shop. I examined her heart, lungs, and neurological systems, and all were normal. I went to leave her room, thinking “What’s not right?” I ended up hitting the garbage can on the way out. I had to sit on the gurney beside her as my ankle was bleeding. Never in my 15 years of emergency medicine did I ever bleed or hit anything in an exam room. That was it. I put her in for a CAT scan of her head. The scan showed she had an intracranial hemorrhage. The bleeding I sustained in her presence awoke my intuition; I knew something was amiss. No one understood why I was scanning her head. She was emergently treated and lived. Sometimes not knowing is knowing. This is who I am.  Someone who walks with a knowing, while being in the unknown. It's energy!


The "energy" field of the body is the first place illness manifests before it makes its way into the physical. My work encompasses the entire person and works to clear the body, and mind of the many learned behaviors, patterns, beliefs, and thought forms that leave us not living a full life. If other studies are indicated, I share them to ensure you've had a thorough investigation.​ Just like the example above, yes, it is a bit dramatic but true. 


I always begin where your body (emotional/physical) is speaking to you. If unknown, I wait for it to be known to let the unfolding take place sometimes it takes time, and other times it’s immediate. The action or technique many times comes forward or the words or story you need all to help you find your way back to you. 


I have also studied Integrative- functional medicine, which assists in uncovering the source of "dis-ease" within the body. I may suggest labs or supplements if your body needs more support and information in order to gain balance. I have worked with FES flower essences for over 20 years, as they are a great adjunct to assist a person's emotional body.

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Image by Alin Andersen




Family Nurse Practioner (1997)

Registered Nurse (1983)


Root Cause-Therapy (2024) Level 1 & 2


Theta Healing Basic DNA Instructor (2023)

Crystal Light Fusion Therapy (2023)


Theta Healer (2021)


Transformational breath practitioner (2019)

Studied with various shamanic practitioners and land-based programs (California, Peru, & Sedona) (2014-2016) Pilgrimage to Ireland Sacred Sites (2023)


Graduate of the 4-year energy medicine program, at the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. (2009)

Cranial Sacral Therapy ( Upledger Institute) (2004)

Touch for Health training with Dr. John Thie

5-Elements of Chinese medicine (2003)

Reiki Master (2000)

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