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Medicine for your Heart & Soul

 Are you ready to re-awaken your WILD Amazing SELF?


2024 Journey coming this Summer!

Sol Journeys


Sol Journeys is a place to ignite that inner spark, a place to enliven and let go of your struggles alongside nature. A place to have the natural world reflects your strength and inner beauty to create more balance & harmony, just as the Elements do when they come together. As we hold this intention, we continue to heal parts of ourselves that may have separated from the Earth, which supports and nourishes us. 

What Is a Sol Journey?

A Sol Journey is a time to awaken to your magnificent self while taking a soul-filled adventure upon the EARTH. You will open, expand and experience a deeper connection to yourself, the Earth, and all her offerings.  The Earth and I are your facilitator(s) to bring you back to the truth of who you really are!


How Many People Can Join An Adventure?

I offer Solo Journeys that can take anywhere from 4- 6 hours out on the land. I also offer 2 and 3-day journeys with no more than 6 people per group work. This provides an opportunity for both individual and group work during our time together.  A time to deepen your experience with yourself while being reflected by others, all while feeling the support of Nature.

What Does It Involve?

I work with a variety of tools and techniques which include but are not limited to:

  • somatic release work

  • energy medicine

  • Theta healing 

  • breath work

  • elemental rituals and ceremony

All this is to assist in releasing the energy that stops you from moving forward in life. When your energy starts to shift you will begin to integrate those areas that long for connection. Then you heal the separation that keeps you from your true authentic self.

What are In-Person INTENSIVES?

We spend 3 days together blending the medicine of the Elements while outdoors upon the land, then working each afternoon energetically to bring in deeper aspects of the elemental healing.


Intensive work is not available until we have been working together for a while. It is a time to Clear, Restore, and Integrate your Spirit into FORM. Reach out if interested in more information. (Travel available upon request)

This retreat was amazing!" J.B.
Coming into this journey hoping to find out why I was struggling so inside, not knowing what to expect, but knowing and trusting Regina… I turned a corner. I was able to break through a huge wall and open a new door.” KA

Sol Journey Retreat: Each day begins with yoga, and movement and ends with meditation. We gather in a circle as we weave into the energy of the collective group. I work individually and collectively throughout our time as the work integrates.

We journey with the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine (Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, Fire) as each of the elements hold a template of medicine that speaks to places deep within. These are all unique and individual to each one of us. We discover ways to connect with the Earth’s healing frequency in order to bring more of you fully ALIVE and present.


Gaia assists’ in COMPOSTing and AWAKENing us, to bring us into a deeper connection with ourselves, our spirit, and others.


Each Journey is unique to the individual or group. We come together in a ceremonial format always starting with the Earth element. This is to bring yourself into a deeper awareness of how to connect and ground into her unending support and nurturance. You will deepen your connection to yourself and your body’s wisdom, all while traversing your body's landscape by way of the elements, along with tools and techniques I utilize to assist you in marinating in the sweet energy of the Earth.


If you would like to learn more about the 5-Elements you can pick up a copy of my book!

Screen Shot 2023-03-28 at 9.40.19 AM.png

Read how to uncover the color of your own medicine.

If you are wanting to attain optimum health while being connected with the
5 Elements so richly abundant on our Earth and in our bodies, this is the book for you!



"All in all, it is a gift to be able to find a healer of Regina's caliber a practitioner who can navigate the physical, energetic and emotional meanings of each persons unique situation, translate the information and weave back to a state of flow and grace.—U.S.
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