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Energy Therapies

Many illnesses that affect the physical- mental/emotional body have origins deep within the energy-consciousness system. We may be completely unaware of these origins or may suppress or distort them to avoid feeling pain. Distortions or blocks in the energetic system can arise from experiences of stress, fear, or trauma, often in childhood or within the family lineage.  They can persist into adult life, where they constrict our natural energy flow, often without our awareness. It seems the body remembers even when the mind resolves to forget. It is here how and where "energy therapies" can assist.

I had started as a Reiki master, although when I went to The Barbara Brennan School (BBSH), a 4-year program that taught how to work with the energy-consciousness system is when things became clearer to me. It allowed me to see and navigate the entire network of the body (emotional, physical, and spiritual). It helped me uncover the imbalances we carry that keep us separate or avoid our spirit. The human body attempts to embody our spirit although we work so hard to avoid it, which prevents us from living a fully embodied and happy life. Long-distance healing was part of the training at BBSH, learning that energy reaches far beyond the four walls of a room.


The understanding of another energy field has always been intriguing to me.  The energy blocks we’ve built by way of trauma, events, or pain will remain in our tissues until we release the energy. The tools I utilize bring forth ways to open, release, and transform the energy that stops you from living and being your best self.  I also use:

  • Root Cause-Therapy

  • Somatic release work

  • Transformational breath®

  • Theta Healing®

  • Flower essence(s) to support your emotional body.

  • Nutritional supplements are also added when necessary to help support your system in the process.

Energy Healing

Energy healing is deeply buried in antiquity. Over 5,000 years ago, Indian mystics spoke of the universal source of all life, prana. In our own Christianity-influenced culture, Jesus is also quoted as referring to "mysterious life energy", using the Greek word pneuma-translated as either spirit or wind. "The wind blows where it wants to. You hear its sound, but you don't know where it comes from or where it is going. That's the way it is with everyone who is born of the Spirit." John 3:8 


Energy healing sessions clear and charge the human energy system, dissolve energy blocks that lead to disease, and enhance the body's natural healing ability.  It is within the body's energy field that illness first manifests before it makes its way into the physical. We begin by clearing your energy body so you can start to discover what it feels like to be more in your body safely and balanced.


I have a natural intuitive gift and am drawn to where the energy isn’t moving within your body. I utilize a variety of tools and techniques. And when you start to open and release the emotional holdings you have stored in your tissues, you begin to feel safe enough to ground fully into the energy of the Earth. The work sometimes involves moving in and out of a Theta state to assist in clearing events, patterns, beliefs, and thought forms that no longer serve you. 

Chakra clearing and restructuring also come into the work to assist your physical and emotional body. Along with somatic release work to help unwind any held areas of pain or trauma—a way to help you find your way back home to your heart, whole.

Image by Kellen Riggin
Regina is an exceptional energy worker with a gift for healing. Each session has led to noticeable improvements in my physical and mental well-being. I enthusiastically recommend Regina's services to anyone in search of healing and transformation.”  —Amy

Integrative Medicine

A time to explore where in your body you are not in the right relationship with your system. Is it your gut, back, headaches, or pain? Is it anger, jealousy, or rage? I offer many ways to help support the physical so that the emotional body can release as we work. I may offer supplements, medicinal herbs, and flower essences to support your healing. If any further studies are indicated, I will share those with you. My training in Western medicine is always present, so no stone is left unturned.


If you have been living in separation, you may carry some distortions that leave you to seek something or someone outside yourself. This is usually when your physical or emotional body needs some attention. Once you begin finding ways to feel fully satiated inside and out, you can start to relax. A place to discover what harmony and balance feel like, inside and out!


Cranial Sacral Therapy

I am also a Cranial Sacral therapist (CST). I am certified through the Upledger Institute which provides me with more tools and techniques to work with the energetics of the body. I work with both adults and pediatrics. CST opens up the cranial system and can assist with symptom relief- examples but not limited to:

  • headaches

  • back pain

  • emotional issues, &

  • TMJ

I followed the recommendation of a friend who had found some relief from crippling hip pain by working with Regina.   I went into her office thinking I would have a check-up and left feeling as if something almost miraculous had occurred.  Within a few months of regular visits I was off the two daily medicines and the other two “as needed” medicines that I had been taking for depression and I was feeling better than I had when I was on them.   She is an amazing resource.  —A.R., San Francisco, CA

Book Your Appointment

In-person sessions at

5290 Overpass Rd, Suite 220

Santa Barbara, CA 93111

Long-distance healing sessions via Zoom/and or phone calls

In-person 55 minutes - $185.00  |  90 minutes - $275.00

Packages available* 3- 55min sessions $455 (save 100$),

3-90min $700 (save 125$)

Students - $150.00 (55 min)

Sliding scale options available

(Online sessions 55min-$150)

*Travel possible for in-person sessions with an added expense*

(Santa Barbara, Montecito, Goleta)

I accept payment through VENMO or ZELLE

Venmo: regina-powers-6 or  Zelle: #415-572-2065       

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