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A Time of Transition...

Updated: May 20, 2023

Transitions can bring up many emotions as our systems begin to shift and change. It’s as if the change is already taking place before it occurs. We know change is part of our natural evolution; it is how we evolve. Transitions are also a clearing of sorts, both known and unknown. Like a shedding of skin, to make room for new energies and growth.

If you think about it, a tree never stops the sun from showering it with its incredible energies. The tree remains open to graciously receive the sun's nourishing rays to continue its life journey. We can do the same to receive all the abundant life-affirming energies that are here for us.

A beautiful practice of extending your arms overhead into the sunlight in a V-shape can help to open and clear parts of our emotional and physical heart. As the heart meridian runs along the inner aspects of our arms and into our palms. This is a practice of opening while we extend our branches to receive the universal energies that are here for all of us.

A tree doesn’t allow rotten fruit or leaves to hang on; they all just fall away. No effort, just letting go of what has lived a life. Allowing the process of change to take place without grabbing hold or attempting to fix or control things allows life to move and flow with more ease and grace. A tree doesn’t think about providing the Earth's soil with beautiful nutrients to feed the plants and animals, it just does. Living, dying, and birthing is one of the most life-affirming processes we can be part of- if we so choose.

I am currently in a time of transition, as my NorCal chapter is ending. I recently gazed up at Mount Tamalpais, it was as if she was waving goodbye to me. I instantly began to well up, knowing I would miss our time together. I have also started to gift and sell some of my belongings. And just before I gave my bike away, I took it for one last spin. As I was handing it over, tears started to fall. A letting go, allowing another to receive the joy it gifted me, providing more room in me to receive the joys I will be gifted. I am feeling into the life I have lived here that is now readying to be set free, as I also prepare to be born anew. A stripping down to my bare bones, to be hollowed out, to breathe in the fresh new energies of change.

I have so many wonderful memories and am so very grateful for my time here. This poem from author Azar Nafisi feels quite fitting. ~ " You get a strange feeling when you're about to leave a place like you'll not only miss the people you love, but you will miss the person you are now at this time and this place, because you'll never be this way again."

Balance and Blessings,

— Regina


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