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Kindness begets Kindness

Of late, messages of kindness have been coming to me in a variety of ways. One through song, a reading, two quotes, and even signage beneath a tree! I believe everything happens for a reason which left me asking; what is the lesson? Am I kind enough to myself in my thoughts, words, and actions? Then yesterday while in line waiting to pay for gas, an elderly gentleman stood in front of me attempting to purchase a 12-pac of water. He was having a hard time getting his money as he was fumbling around with his wallet & change purse. I could feel the cashier's patience was wearing thin. I didn't react. I just witnessed what was in front of me.

The gentleman finally gave the cashier all the money and picked up the water. I went back to open the door for the gentleman, knowing he would struggle to do so. I then turned toward the cashier when a smile came across his face as his energy completely shifted. The cashier realized I was fine, as was he and the gentleman he served.

I ended up giving the cashier 30 dollars cash for the gas not sure why as I usually give 40 dollars. Funny enough, the pump stopped at $29.99. I'm a numbers person. The 9’s have a significant meaning to me. Needless to say, I was extremely grateful for the fill-up spot I chose.

We never know how one act of kindness can ripple out. It's here we begin to see how connected we all are. It is also how much or how little our reactions, thoughts, and words can affect the world around us.

Often we see something and think that's nice only to go about our business. It's as if we don't register the message and miss out on the deeper meaning it has for us. The words above from Lao Tzu appeared and I thought why not start here?

~May loving-kindness fill our words to assist in creating more confidence. ~May our thoughts be filled with kindness for ourselves, and watch them flow over to all we meet.

In a world where you can be anything, be kind. ~ Buddha

Balance & blessings, Regina


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