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What are your thoughts of late?

Updated: May 27

- Many have heard of Joe Dispenza, he is someone who had a significant spinal injury and opted out of surgery. Instead, he spent time recreating his spine in his mind, visualizing it healthy and healed. And it worked!  Lynn McTaggart is a researcher with a lot of work on Intention. She wrote a book “The Power of 8” which shares profound healing experiences with groups holding healing intentions for someone in need of assistance. Both people share how powerful our thoughts are at changing our energy and changing our lives. 


Maybe it's time to take an inventory, perhaps begin by asking yourself are your thoughts derived from a state of lack, or a less than energy. Are they filled with fear, doubt, and or resistance? Let’s say we want to try something new or different than our current state.


Can you trust that a truth resides within you? A truth that wants nothing more than you to be happy, healthy, and abundant with a knowing you are loved and enjoying this Earth school you incarnated into.

 Do you live from Truth?

Spirit-derived thoughts come from a desire to think and create from your TRUTH- from a conscious heart-based reality. Other thoughts are automatic, those that are habitually running with or without an emotional trigger. The type of thoughts you choose will continue to create your life. It's your choice!


Let’s begin by imagining you are -Loved, Healthy, Abundant, Strong, Powerful and Courageous.

Maybe you can start with the steps below and see what happens. Before getting underway create a sacred space in a peaceful environment where you feel at home inside and out.


STEP 1- BREATH DEEP into your lower belly, allowing your system to awaken your spirit through breath. Invite your entire energy field to be filled with LIGHT through your breath. Intending to activate your transformative light body, the one you came into the world with -this Light filled you.


STEP 2-Set your INTENTION* Maybe start with I AM HEALTHY  


Begin by seeing and feeling yourself HEALTHY. This along with receiving what you need when you need it to be healthy. Trust, and have the patience that all is in Divine right order.


STEP 3- While staying with your Intention* Fill your heart with GRATITUDE for your HEALTHY body, as if it already exists here now. Trust the process while you open, allow, and receive. EVERY thought creates an ENERGY, it’s up to you the energy you wish to create!

STEP 4- Now imagine the summer heat of the sun assisting to transmute what’s not you...Give all these less-than thoughts and energies to the Sun, the Moon, or our dear Mother Earth. Knowing these spirit-filled thoughts are already within you, they want nothing more than to join you. All awaiting to awaken your HEALTHY, Vibrant, LOVING, & Abundant self! You can only RECEIVE as much as you GIVE. So, give over what’s not you, and see what happens.


Holding onto positive thoughts until you are one with them, with NATURE. Nature is us; we are Nature. A part of all that is within the natural EBB and FLOW of LIFE. A daily practice is ideal.

Love & blessings,      



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